Welcome to Montemats!

Welcome to Montemats

Montemats is a site dedicated to providing a community for Montessori educators or those using Montessori-style methods in their classroom. The site provides various ways for members to interact, ranging from guest blog posting and commenting to providing a rich forum area. We support the site by selling education materials as digital downloads.

What are downloadable materials?

Most of the materials we sell here are in the form of nomenclature cards. After purchasing these materials, they are available to download for 7 days. All our materials are delivered in the form of Adobe Acrobat .pdf files so you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it installed. It is a free download and already present on most computers. After you receive the file, it is up to you to print it, laminate it and prepare it for the classroom.

What are nomenclature cards?

These are card sets used heavily in Montessori education. The idea is to use a control card which contains a picture and the word associated with that picture to match a separate word with it's corresponding image. At a certain point, the control card can be removed and the learner should be able to match them without the use of the control card. This approach is very effective because it provides rich visual stimulus as well as being a manipulative.

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